First Goal Scorer Free Bets

Goal Scorer Bet Explained

Once you have completed the reload offers you will then move on to the regular reloads offers. You will familiarise yourself will all types of offers.

This offer in particular is a common offer that is offered by many bookmakers generally on high profile matches. Such as large foreign teams or big premier league matches. You will also find them on a weekly basis.

Types of Goal Scorer Offers

The main type of goal scorer offers will generally be ‘back a certain goal scorer to score first, second, third etc. If your chosen goal scorer bet wins you will receive a free bet.

On very high profile matches bookmakers can go all out with offers and this can become very profitable. For example if Barcelona played Real Madrid, the bookmakers will offer very generous odds. One offer available at the time of writing this is a double or treble odds if your chosen goal scorer scores first and then again.

You will come across a lot of similar types of offers at the start of the football season or main football cup leagues. Some of these offers can be for top goal scorer of the season. Be wary of these offers as they can tie up your liability in your betting exchange.

You will also get offers for certain times in the match for example if your goalscorer scores after 70 minutes you receive higher odds or a free bet.

Always check the terms to make sure you will qualify and understand the rules for the free bets.

Double or treble odd for selected goal scorer

As you can see if your chosen goal scorer can be very profitable however the chances of winning the second and third is very slim.

This specific offer is available across two bookmakers so you could have a double chance of making the profit.

Methods To Lay

— No Goals = £5 LOSS Per £25 Stake (Roughly)

— 1 Goal = £5 LOSS Per £25 Stake (We’ve layed the FIRST Goal off, so we’re still at a loss.)

— 2 Goals = Stake X SINGLE Odds – Stake = £25X4.0-£25 = £75 Profit – Remember we’ve layed off the “First” goal so we at this point are only getting singular odds as a cash return, despite the player scoring twice.

— 3 Goals = Stake X DOUBLE Odds – Stakes = £25X8.0-£50 = £150 Profit

—- Summary = For roughly a flat stake of £25, we will lose £5ish each time we get no OR 1 Goal, but our MAX returns would be on average £150 profit and we can truly only realize DOUBLE ODDS as we’ve layed the first profit window off.

DDHH Unlayed
— No Goals = £25 LOSS

— 1 Goal = Stake X SINGLE Odds – Stake = £25X4-£25 = £75 Profit (so even for the slightly higher risk, we are now making profit for 1 goal as opposed to a loss.)

— 2 Goals = Stake X DOUBLE Odds – Stake = £25X4.0-50 = £150 Profit – This time we yet again are now getting the true return from this offer not laying allow us to actually get the treble odds.

— 3 Goals = Stake X TREBLE Odds – Stakes = £25X12-£75 = £225 Profit – So as you can see, we now not only make a profit off 1 goal, but we also get allmost 2X the profit if we get all 3 goals.

—- Summary = Much like stated above, yes the loss may be around £15-17 or so higher (dependent on the match which is normally £5 > 7 for most) but we are actually realizing the full value of this offer as 1 goal = profit, 2 goals = profit & 3 goals = almost DOUBLE the profit from laying … Therefor we have more opportunity to make profits and larger profits (E.G 1 goal is profit where as laying 1 goal is still a loss).

Just Hatrick Betting:
— No Goals = £25 LOSS

— 1 Goal = £25 LOSS.

— 2 Goals = £25 LOSS.

— 3 Goals = Stake X Odds = £25X17-£25 = £420 Profit.

Information taken from another forum.


Personally I believe this offer is very risky unless you can get very good odds between the bookmaker and exchange.

If you are lucky enough to win an offer like this then it will be extremely profitable. I would alway recommend using odds matching software to get the best possible match you can.

Oddsmonkey have a thriving forum which you discuss offers on and generally get the gist of if the offer is worth taking. Qualifying loss is always the key.

Good Luck