Mug Bets

Mug Betting

Once your bookmaker accounts are open and you have completed all the sign up offers its time to look after your bookmaker accounts. In order to be able to make the most of the daily offers you need to make the bookmaker think your an ordinary punter.

Bookmakers are aware of matched betters and they will restrict anyone they believe to be taking to much value. Once your gubbed thats its, no seconds chances.

All bookmakers like to see the customer lose. If they think your taking to much value from them, they will what is known as GUB you. This means you will no longer be able to take advantage of any promotion and in certain cases they will even restrict the amount you can bet.

Here we will give you advice on how to keep the accounts open. We can’t guarantee these tips will keep your accounts open as we have known perfectly mugged account still being gubbed. But these tips will certainly help.

What is a Mug Bet?

A mug bet is a bet that we place that has no offer attached to it. Now as I mentioned we need to look like a general punter. In the early days of your account this may seem like a lot of work. But it will be worth it. Without the bookmakers you cant make the profit.

In order to take advantage of horse racing offers and football offers you need to mug bet for both markets. If you have never placed a bet on a horse and then take advantage of an offer it will send alarm bells to the bookmaker.

Bookmakers To Take Extra Care With

We have put together a list of which bookmakers you should mug bet regularly, this is a list based on the best offers. Many of the bookmaker accounts you will set up will only be used a handful of times in your matched betting career.

  • Williamhill – This is a quality bookmaker who offer regular sports offers. They also have fantastic accumulator offers as well as horse racing offers. This will be a painful account to loose. So take extra care mugging this account.
  • Paddy Power – Paddy Power is one of the most difficult accounts to keep open. They offer fantastic odds and have many excellent offers. This needs extra attention when mugging.
  • Bet365 – This bookmaker has very profitable horse racing offers and also offers some excellent football offers. I would suggest mugging regularly to ensure you don’t loose the account.
  • Ladbrokes – They seem to be very lenient so maybe do a couple of mugs each week on horse racing and a couple of football. Ladbrokes also offer a decent accumulator refund.
  • Coral – Mug regularly. They have accumulator offers and horse racing. Not worth loosing
  • Skybet – General mugs.
  • Betfred – General mugs.
  • Betvictor – Take extra care if you take part in the horse racing offers.

If your wondering about the betting exchanges you will never have your accounts restricted.

How To Mug Bet

First of all mug bets need to be placed without an offer attached.

Never go for matches that probably no one has heard of, or a different type of sport no one would bet on. Even if you are offered excellent odds. This will make you stand out like a sore thumb.

One of the best tips is to pick a favourite team, if you don’t have one, choose one matching your location and bet regularly on them. This makes the bookmaker think your a normal gambler.

Another is to start small with your mug bets. Say £10 if you win place another £20 bet and so on. Always mug bet higher than the offers you will be placing.

placing inplay bets are always a good idea. A lot of regular gambler will be placing bets during matches.

A recent tip is to deposit more than your going to bet. So if your bet is £20 deposit £30 or more.

Most bookmakers have bingo and casinos every once in a while play the bingo or casino. However be aware what ever you stake you may loose. There’s no guarantee this works.

When placing your free bets mix up the odds a little bit don’t always go for high odds. Loosing a little bit of profit on a free bet is better than loosing the account.

Keep your mug bets varied, different amounts, different times ect. We don’t want this to look like a routine.

Another great tip is to place mug accumulators. This will work in your favour with the bookmakers. If you have any spare change in your account say 50p £1 place it on an accumulator and the bookies will love it.


Mug bets are 100% needed to keep accounts open, if you only take the offers available it wont take long until your accounts are closed. A lot of bookmakers you sign up to will never be used again in terms of regular offers. The accounts you use the most need to be mugged the most.

After a couple of weeks it will become second nature to mug yours accounts.

Although with each mug you place you will make a small loss but this is definitely worth it to keep your accounts open.

The older accounts become the easier it is to manage your mug bets. You must mug bet for every market you take offers from, so if you take advantage of horse racing offers and football offers you need to place mug bets for each.

Finally one thing we advise against is taking advantage of ARBS this is a sure way to get yourself gubbed. An arb is a bet you make profit on, odds are higher in bookmakers than the exchange. Bookmakers will spot this a mile off.