Oddsmonkey Reviewed 2017

Today we are reviewing Oddsmonkey’s website giving you the pros and cons to matched betting with Oddsmonkey

Who are Oddsmonkey?

Oddsmonkey started out providing software to matched betting websites. Oddsmonkey obviously saw a gap in the market and set up their very own high quality website. Odds Monkey are the leaders in matched betting. They are helping over 25,000 users every month earn around £1,500 in Tax free cash. With this review we will review all the software and offers available.

What Oddsmonkey do for your money

 Oddsmonkey’s price is £15 per month or £150 annually saving you £30. With all matching betting sites you will find sign up offers and daily reload offers.

Oddsmonkey have a very good training section on the website. The guides are extremely easy to follow.

Oddsmonkey also offer a free personal one to one training session when you sign up. PayPal, Skrill or Credit/Debit card. The payments will be taken every month from your chosen payment method.


Sign up screen

Included in the price:

  • A 30 day money back guarantee – This is a great feature if matched betting isn’t for you, then all you need to do is cancel and request a refund.
  • Price freeze – Exactly what it says on the tin you will never pay more than the £15 per month or £150 annually.
  • A fantastic support team available from 9am – 9pm every day
  • Fantastic support group, also as mentioned you can request a free personal one to one with oddsmonkey support when you sign up
  • Beginners training guides


When you start matched betting you will need to read all guides.

  • Full list of sign up offers – Oddsmonkey have 66 sports offers available.
  • Casino sign up offers – Oddsmonkey offer 29 casino offers. Casino offers can be risky and time consuming but they can be extremely profitable.
  • Bingo offers – 6 offers available. Time consuming offers but profitable.
  • Daily offer calendar – Most matched betting site upload the daily offers on the day however, Odds Monkey offer a 10-day reload calendar, showing available offers coming up. We think this is an amazing tool. One of the keys to success with matched betting is planning and organising, having a calendar allows you to plan for the following week knowing the offers available. Obviously Oddsmonkey update any new offers as they come in.
  • Software – Oddsmonkey are the ultimate leaders of software below we will bullet point the software and describe what it basically does.
  • Oddsmatcher – Basically what it says it is. To ensure you always take the best odds and make the most from free bets this will be your savior when you first start matched betting.
  • Calculator – Again a tool you will use for each and every bet. This shows how much to back and lay, qualifying losses and how much profit you make from each bet.
  • Racing Matcher – Not only does this show all horse racing and excellent races again like the odds matcher it shows the EV. It also shows you the races bookmakers offer free bets.
  • Tennis Matcher – Exactly the same principle, this shows all matches and who is best to back and lay with.
  • Eachway Matcher – Again this is software that shows the best odds and who to match with. Each way matches are very good for making money and will come in very useful when trying to make the most profit.
  • Dutch Matcher – This is something not generally done in matched betting and not recommended but basically this shows all results for mug bets that make profit. Again this isn’t recommended but on accounts you are no longer able to match bet with you could make a lot of profit.
  • Extra Place Matcher – Again like every other matcher it gives the odds. With this matcher it also shows you the amount of profit to be made from each match. You can save matches and go back to them. Oddsmonkey really do excel on software
  • Acca Matcher – accumulators are the most valuable source of income when matched betting. This Acca Matcher will come in very useful.


Oddsmatching software


Oddsmonkey have made this very easy showing the best acca’s available.  The software shows the EV, bookmaker, dates, total back and lay odds. All you have to do is click open and it gives you all of the information you need. You can also save the accumulators. No need worry about loosing them with oddsmonkey.

The acca matcher has been broken down into sections depending on the accumulator you chose.

  • Acca Builder – No Lay
  • Acca Builder – Lay at start
  • Acca Builder – Lay Sequential
  • Acca Builder – Lay Sequential Lock In

You choose the lay method,  whichever one suits you oddsmonkey have training guides covering them all.

Don’t forget you have 30 days money back guarantee.

Oddsmonkey have recently merged with Betfair the best exchange market for laying all your bets. This works very well with Oddsmonkey’s system as now when using any of the tools from Racing Matcher to Calculators you can click on the lay button whilst logged in to Betfair and it will automate your lay based on the information you punch in.

The commission we would normally pay to Betfair would be 5% now Oddsmonkey and Betfair have merged all Oddsmonkey customers receive a 2% commission.


Oddsmonkey also provide you with numerous calculators to make matched betting as simple as possible.

  • EV Calculator
  • Each way calculator
  • Each way reverse calculator
  • Each way extra places calculator
  • Risk free equal profit calculator
  • Trigger bet calculator
  • Rule 4 calculator
  • Early pay out calculator
  • Sporting index calculator

What training do oddsmonkey offer

 Oddsmonkey’s training section has been broken down in to sections

  • Tutorials 1 – 6
  • Reload offer guides
  • Product guides
  • General tip and tricks
  • Video guides
  • Casino and Games
  • Bingo
  • and Extra Guides

The training guides are very extensive and give you everything you need to know using an easy to follow guide. All content can be read as many times as needed and don’t disappear. The training guides range from text, scenarios and video tutorials.

You can mark as complete or discuss the particular offers with people in the forum who are completing or have completed the same exact offer.

What support do odds monkey offer

As mentioned earlier Oddsmonkey offer a great support network, first port of call would always be the forum as normally some one is always around to give advice or support. This comes in very useful, the support team is available between 9am and 9pm every day.

They also offer a free one to one training session when you first sign up. Matched betting can be explained and any questions you have can be answered in this free session. This is invaluable when you are starting matched betting.

Oddsmonkey have a support team available from Sunday – Friday 9am – 9pm and Saturdays 8am – 9pm. All you have to do is raise a ticket and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also contact them by email, Facebook and Twitter.

They offer exceptional customer support from highly trained staff.

Oddsmonkey community forum

The forum is a well populated forum with many like minded people actively posting on a regular basis. Not only do you have sections for sign up offers, daily offers, matched betting abroad, support group and a general thread which you can post anything that isn’t covered in other topics. Oddsmonkey man the forum and are always there to lend a helping hand for any questions you may have.

If you are new to match betting the beginners forum is with out a doubt the best place to start but reading through the forum in general with give a very good insight into the matched betting world. Take a look I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

How to make effective use of oddsmonkey

 If you are new to oddsmonkey then the first thing you need to do is start working through the beginners offers, certainly take up oddsmonkey’s offer of a 30 minute one to one free training session this will help you immensely.

When it comes to making money from matched betting you need to take advantage of every offer. Including casino offers even if they don’t seem worth it. One of oddsmonkey’s greatest features is without a shadow of doubt software, odds monkey have a range tools to help you make money.

The profit generates mainly from the accumulators and horse racing, in order to earn £1,500 a month you need use the software to ensure you are getting the best matches and best offers.

As mentioned earlier all oddsmonkey’s software takes a lot of pressure off matched betting.

How much money do you need to start matched betting with oddsmonkey?

 In order to start betting oddsmonkey recommend having a minimum bank of £50 obviously the more money you have the quicker you can complete the offers and you will make the profit quicker.

The first bookmaker website you register with will make you around £13 – £16 profit, although this doesn’t sound a lot it should only take around 10 minutes to complete (as it’s the first offer) that amount isn’t bad for 10 minutes work.

Once you are up to speed with the matched betting process and you progress through the offers some free bets can be worth up to £200.

Tips for oddsmonkey

Making money with oddsmonkey is easy as long as you follow the guides. Complete all offers and you should make a very nice profit. One of the biggest tips we can give is build up your bank, the more money you have in your exchange the more offers you can do equaling more profit.

I strongly suggest using all of oddsmonkey software to its full potential, they have great tools in place to help you make the most money.

All for £15 per month.

Planning is another key make use their spreadsheets this is so important when tracking any bets you have place or upcoming bets. Also check the daily diary makes use of the app and enjoy matched betting with oddsmonkey.


After reviewing Oddsmonkeys website I am absolutely blown away by oddsmonkeys website. The website is friendly, very attractive and easy to use.

Looking through the training guides they are easy to follow. They use a range of different methods, videos, text and scenarios.

The offers are plentiful with a large amount of money to be made.

Daily offers are updated and you have a calendar to make notes of offers up to 10 days in advance. They have an app to give you alerts also you can opt for email alerts.

They couldn’t make it any easier to make money. All you pay is £15 per month. With the possibility of making £1,500 per month you really cant grumble with the monthly fee.

Every piece of software that they have produced is to the highest standard and are amazing. With oddsmonkey regularly striving to have improve and build new tool to help everyone sustain regular risk free cash.

They have many forum users who make £,1000’s every month and are extremely happy with the service provided.

There are a number of companies offering assistance in the Matched Betting market however none as comprehensive or valuable as those offered by Oddsmonkey. Finally I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Reviews taken from OddsMonkey facebook page

‘The team have made the process so easy to follow and then the back up support and 1-2-1 training sessions are fantastic. I have used the 1-2-1 training twice now and on both occasions it was just like chatting to my mate but the advice was spot on. I was someone who was very nervous ‘gambling’ and how OddsMonkey holds your hand through the initial process put my mind at ease. You guys are doing an amazing job, well done and long may it continue.’

“Oddsmonkey is just awesome….i am a pokerplayer since 15 years and i know how hard it is to teach and learn complex concepts.
Oddsmonkey does a fabulous job on this account. Everything is so well explained and even stays on your side while you take the first steps from theorie into practice, where you immediately make more money within your first hour than the monthly price of the premium subscription….with much more to follow 🙂
Easy put: sounds too good to be true……but that’s the way it really is!”

“i can’t fault oddsmonkey. If you are deciding whether or not to sign up as a premium member- DO IT. You won’t regret it. Their support is second to none, I’ve just done a 121 session over the phone and it was fab- I was late as well and they still made time to speak to me, answer all my questions and give me advice. You can use their forum, email them or use the 121 sessions- they reply almost instantly and always make you feel welcome! If you are just starting out your matched betting journey you should definitely use oddsmonkey- it will pay for itself ten fold!”

Furthermore the reviews speak for themselves.

Happy Matched Betting