Profit Accumulator Review

Profit Accumulator Summary

Learn about Profit Accumulator today, and how they can help you make up to £2,000 extra each month in 2017/18 and beyond.

Free Trial Available?2 offers only
SoftwareYes - prone to errors
Monthly Cost£17.99
Annual Cost£150.00
Rating3 / 5



Profit Accumulator, just like Oddsmonkey, are another established matched betting advisory service. They’ve been around for a while and know what they’re talking about. For years now they have been helping matched bettors make extra money each month.

In this Profit Accumulator Reviewed article, we have looked under the hood and found that there service really isn’t that as good as what it seems. Offers can be out of date, some bookmakers offers are missed, and the software is very glitchy (see more about this later), and as you will see below – customer support can fall a little short sometimes.

A recent review from a customer on Trust Pilot (26th September 2017):

The worst customer service I have ever had. No value of customers other than extract income. Much better competitors out there, use them!


Services Offered

The monthly subscription for Profit Accumulator includes services listed as follows:


Initial Training – 4/5

Unlike our rough attempt to explain how matched betting works, Profit Accumulator have taken the time to put together professional looking videos and guides to help you get going. They work well and being able to see how the different bets are placed give you a little more confidence with the matched betting process.

The guides and explanations cover many areas such as:

  • Risk Free Bets
  • Each Way Arbs
  • Mug Betting
  • Transitioning from Opening Offers to Reloads

Lots and lots of material to read through which is quite useful. You will find sometimes that you have a bit of time waiting for bets to settle, or withdrawals to be processed by the bookmakers. These are perfect times to do a little bit of extra reading.


List of Various Offers – 4/5

You will spend a lot of your time in this area with Profit Accumulator. If you follow their guides, you should make an easy £2,000 to £3,000 from the signup and casino offers. It is important that you complete the guides in the order they are shown.

The offers are rated in levels of difficulty and also show key information such as how much profit you should make:

Opening Sign up Offers with Profit Accumulator
An example of a typical offer within the Profit Accumulator control panel


Matched Betting Software – 1/5

There are a range of tools you will use when matched betting, Profit Accumulator do their best in offering such services but come with glitches.

Not many people are aware, but the Profit Accumulator software is quite new and therefore is quite buggy. Before last year – they had actually used the software produced by the pioneers over at Oddsmonkey. We understand the two companies had fallen out when Oddsmonkey started their own matched betting program. The director at Profit Accumulator had spat his dummy out and cancelled the hire of the Oddsmatching software.


Profit Accumulator closing contract with Oddsmonkey
The director at Profit Accumulator cancelling the contract for Oddsmonkey oddsmatching software

You can see a full exchange between the two directors here:

Needless to see Profit Accumulator acted quite unprofessionally, but were then left to develop their own tools and programs, and the whole thing has been a bit of a farce.


Oddsmatching Software – 2/5

This is most likely where you will spend most of your time at the start. The oddsmatching tool compares the odds at the various bookmakers against the odds at the exchange. Essentially the aim of the oddsmatching tool is to find “good bets” where you will reduce the amount lost on the qualifying bets, as well as maximising the profits made on the free bets.

The version over at Profit Accumulator has gone through an evolution of upsets and changes. Quite often the odds can be out, or events not listed. Sometimes it does not even work at all.


Match Catcher – 0/5

Unfortunately, when we tried testing the match catcher – it wasn’t working!

We are currently experiencing technical difficulty with the Smarkets odds. Apologies for any inconvenience, we are working to fix it.

These sorts of messages are quite common, unfortunately. Nevertheless, when it’s operational, the match catcher software tries to find you a close match between

Whilst they have gave the software a good go, unfortunately they can’t get near the level of reliability and accuracy from Oddsmonkey. When it comes to placing bets, it is important that you that up to date information at your fingertips. We advise you strongly not to go with Profit Accumulator just for this reason.